Learning Intention: We are learning to use active thinking.

Success Criteria: My buddy and I will dig a tunnel for cars in the sand, leaving a bridge over the top for the trucks.

Term 4 Writing Sample - Fun with my Family

Learning Intention: I am learning to write about a topic.

Success Criteria: I am able to write about a time when I did something fun with my family.
Conlan, you enjoy biking with your family. Well done.

Term 4 Numeracy

Learning Intention: I am learning to order numbers to 20.

Success Criteria: I will know the numbers before and after up to 20.

Term 4 Reading


I am learning to look at all the letters in a tricky word to try and work it out.

When I come to a word I don't know, I look at the first and last letters and the letters in the middle. I sound them out.

"My Mum helps me sound out the words."

Writing: Using Describing Words

I have been learning to use describing words to make my writing more interesting.


We are learning to: Match 1:1
Success criteria: I can point to each word as I read it.


We are learning to: hypothesise what a book is about
Success criteria: I can talk about the cover of a book


We are learning to: recognise numbers 0-20
Success criteria: I can play games with numbers 0-20